How to Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12 with same iOS version [Jailbreak & Restore]

Apple has pushed a new major update to the apple server to block the current process to Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12 easily. iOS 13 and 14, which are both unsigned by apple, means that you can’t restore your iPhone/iPad to an iOS device that supports jailbreak or cloud bypass. So what can you do now? You can use an iOS12, iOS13, or 14 checkra1n-supported devices, especially if the device is in passcode or disable mode. So, follow the below steps completely on How to Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12 with same iOS version.

It is a known fact for everyone that iOS14 cannot be jailbroken on iPhone 8 or iPhone X without a passcode setup. in this scenario, the Diagnostic mode is the best choice. Jailbreak iOS into diagnostic mode to wipe or restore iOS, Also, You can use the same iOS version.

The process is quite easy, Run checkra1n under CLI mode, and Power off the phone and boot the IOS 14 into the diagnostic mode it will allow you to inject the USB restriction patches. Now you can easily restore the device using any software.

We are not responsible for any damage to your phone, please try this at your own risk. Please note, do not use this on any devices other than your own this is an educational tool. Some people experience boot loops after restoring and have to update to the latest iOS15 version forcefully.

Download Required Tools

First of all, Passcode or disable iOS13 iOS14 Jailbreak to restore and maintain the same iOS version to bypass iCloud lock easily.

Tool 1: IRP Patcher Tool 

Tool 2: Checkra1n [Latest Version]

Tool 3: DevTeamPRO Defender Tool

To bypass iCloud with calls and all services iOS12 – 14.8. ( checkra1n ) use the checkm8info mac tool and follow the step-by-step instructions here:


How to Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12 with same iOS version

  • Open checkra1n CLI mode with -C -V put the device into the DFU Mode manually.

Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12

  • Wait for the finish,

  • Now it’s time to put your device into the Diagnostic Mode on the first phone boot.

  • Then Run IRP Patcher Tool and click START USB PATCH
  • Let the process finish.
  • Once finished, you will get a popup message with complete text =>> Tap OK

Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12

  • Now run the DevTeam Pro Defender tool to your MAC or Windows OS
  • It will detect your IOS Device and start the process automatically.
  • Let the process finished,
  • Once your device boot into the normal mode, Run the checkra1n again

Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12

  • Click on the Options => Tick Allow untested IOS/PADOS/TvOS versions
  • Tick Skip A11 BPR Check & DARK block Chain
  • Back to the main menu and click Start
  • Tap OK =>> Next
  • Follow all the on-screen commands
  • Done,

Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12

  • Now you are still on the same OS version.
  • Well, you can bypass your IOS 14/15 with calls using the checkm8info mac tool
  • (Purchase the bypass service in order to unlock your phone)
  • That’s it.


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Device Supported: Iphones IOS powered phones.

Compatibility: The application runs flawlessly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
Require a Backup: If you’re inclined to try out the aforementioned tool, then please have a copy of your private information on the IOS Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing some Firmware or retrieval may brick the phone.
Credits: Remove Passcode Disable Device IOS 14/13/12 is created by the programmer. So, complete credits goes to the programmer for sharing such a great application at no cost.

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