iFrpfile All In One Tool AIO v2.8.5 Free Tool iCloud Bypass Latest 13 & 14.8 (All Version)

iFrpfile AIO V2.8.5 is a simple Windows utility program primarily designed to bypass iCloud lock from any IOS device easily, Also, It helps users to untethered bypass iOS, disable jailbreak, iMessage, or Siri, and fix Reboot, battery drain, no baseband delete, etc for free.

This tool is particularly useful for individuals who have forgotten their IOS ID and password and are searching for a way to disable the iCloud Lock on their phone. With the iFrpfile All In One AIO tool, users can bypass iCloud, disable Passcode and iCloud Lock, fix bank apps, and restore or backup their data.

The procedure for using iFrpfile v2.8.5 is very simple. You just need to boot your Windows pc into the Checkra1n/Unc0ver and then jailbreak your IOS device. Next, select the option that you wish to use and click the button.

Key Features:

  • Add Apple Finder for
  • Passcode/Disabled & Lost Devices
  • Avoid bug fix
  • Notification for Add Bypass, iCloud Services Facetime, iMessage, and Siri (no Signal)
  • All functions working after bypassing the passcode are fixed
  • Convert backup file to an add function (bypass passcode).
  • Log in to a new account by changing the password for Hidden iCloud Owner
  • iPhone and iPad, fix Banking Apps

iFrpfile All In One Tool AIO V2.3 Free Tool IOS iCloud Bypass Latest 13 & 14.6 (All Version)



Release date: 22/12/2022
Close the bug-auto fix at 50%
Release Date: 11/01/2022
Restore baseband
Disable baseband using the Fix Untethered bypass method (will drain battery).
Click restore baseband to disable the baseband.
Skip setup

Download IFrpfile All In One Tool AIO v2.8.5 Latest All Version Free

Through this guide, we share the link to Download IFrpfile AIO v2.8.5 Latest Version with free FRPFile Register Serial Number from the below-given link.

Filename:- iFRPFile_AIO_Tool.zip
File Size:- 30MB
Download Link:-
File Type:- rar
Register Serial Free Instant: Link
Password: frpfile
Currently, registering serial numbers from frpfile.com is offline, you can use FRPFile Premium tool for instant registration and unlock the phone. 

File Name Link
FRPFILE_AIO_v2.8.5.zip (New) Download, Mega 
FRPFILE_AIO_v2.8.4.zip Download
FRPFILE_AIO_v2.8.2.zip Download  [Mirror]
FRPFILE_AIO_V2.7.1.zip Download
ifrpfile AIO V2.6 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile AIO V2.5 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile AIO V2.4 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download 
ifrpfile_AIO V2.3 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_AIO V2.2 all_in_one-Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_AIO V2.0 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_1.0.7 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile _1.0.6 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_1.0.5 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_v1.0.4 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download
ifrpfile_v1.0.1 all_in_one_Tool.zip Download

How To Use iFrp file AIO iCloud tool

  • Download Ifrpfile v2.8.5 to your PC
  • Extract the tool with WinRar or 7Zip
  • Then Download Checkra1x IOS File & Baleno Make Bootable Pendrive
  • Jailbreak Your iPhone with Checkra1x

iFrpfile All In One Tool AIO V2.3 Free Tool IOS iCloud Bypass Latest 13 & 14.6 (All Version) free FRPFile serial register

  • Now install the iCloud tool
  • Register Your Own Serial NO on the FRPFile website
  • Wait for 15 to 1-time Registered the tool serial on the Server.
  • Now Select Bypass FULL Services.
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC
  • Wait for the finish.
  • That’s it.

FRPFILE Register Serial Number Free

  • Open the FRPFIle AIO Tool

 free FRPFile serial register

  • Then tap on Click here to Register Serial Free

  • Then go to the FRPFILE.com site
  • Input your device serial number into the site serial number input section & click Submit
  • Now, wait a few times to Activate the tool.
  • Then check on the tool, it will show you Registered in the Status section
  • That’s it

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