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Download UMT V2 UltimateFRP v0.1 Latest Setup

We share here to Download UMT V2 UltimateFRP v0.1 Latest Setup for Windows. UMT Pro Ultimate FRP V0.1 has released today by UMT team, this is the latest FRP tool by UMT now its support much more devices very easily. we share here the latest version of UMT Pro UltimateFRP v0.1, this tool supports almost any Android […]

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How To Bypass FRP Google Account On All SPD Chipsets (6.0/7.0/5.0)-New Tool

Hello Welcome GadgetDR.Com Today I will Share you a new method to bypass google account (FRP) for All SPD Chipsets (Android- 6.0/7.0/5.0). This method work on All SPD Chipsets (Android- 6.0/7.0/5.0)….using a new tool. Without full flashing. very easy guide to bypass google account frp on All SPD Chipsets (Android- 6.0/7.0/5.0).in just few seconds. THIS METHOD […]

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GSD Android Tool – Clear Pattern/Pin/Password Without Data loss

This tool was developed by ilya soury.  A GSMDEVELOPERS.COM product. So you can find more at GSMDEVOLOPERS.COM. This tool is lots of good features , like automatically  edit boot.img. File to clear the password/pin/pattern without data loss. This features works on some low-end Samsung phones. This tool works on most chinese branded machines like Mediateke,Qualcomm,SPD […]

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