Vivo Y53 1606 Remove Screen Lock – Unlock Pattern/ Pin/Password Remove

If you searching for the right solution to unlock pattern lock from your Vivo Y53 1606 then here we have the best and right solution for you. In the following topics, I share with you a comprehensive tutorial that will help you to remove screen locks from your phone very easily. We all know nowadays Realme pattern lock removal is difficult, but with this Vivo Y53 1606 Unlock File, you can unlock the screen lock in just 5-10minutes.

This method will work on Android 6.0 (we tested). If you have forgotten Pattern lock, Password, Pin lock from your Vivo Y53 (1606) then follow this method to remove screen lock from your Vivo 1606, We share with you a very simple way to remove Pattern lock Vivo Y53, but following this process, you may erase all your personal data like photos, videos, contacts, call logs and massages everything because of hard reset your Vivo Y53 1606.

Screen Lock is a privacy lock for android, many ways to enable screen locks on your device if the screen lock is enabled then the user need to enter the right password, Pattern, Pin lock to access devices again, screen lock means you can lock your device by pattern lock, password lock, pin lock, nowadays face locks and fingerprint lock also include in the screen locks menu,

If you forget the screen locks from your device and want to remove the pattern lock from your device then I am here to share with you the right method to Remove Pattern lock, Password lock, Pin locks,


If your device shows too many attempts to unlock pattern if you want to unlock then follow the below process very carefully.

To Vivo Y53 1606 Remove Screen lock you need to download some files. check below you will get all the files, first of all, download the “Vivo Y53 Pattern remove file” and download the Vivo Y53 USB driver.

Download Vivo Y53 Unlock Remove Pattern Password Pin File Tool 

File Name:-Vivo y53 pattern lock remove
File Size:-10MB
Download: –Click Here To Download


File Name:-Vivo y53 Pattern Remove
File Size:-10MB
Download: –Click Here To Download
USB Driver:-Qualcomm USB Driver Download

Install Qualcomm USB Driver to Computer:

  • Open the “USB Driver” folder, there you will see a “setup.exe” file.
  • Install the “Setup.exe” file by double-tapping on it.
  • Then hit next -next-next -finish to install the MTK driver to your computer.
  • Done. now your device will easily detect on PC and you can easily do Vivo Y53 Remove lock screen.

How to Vivo Y53 Remove Screen Pattern Password Pin Lock

  • -Download all the files first.
  • -After that, extract all the downloaded files in one folder.
  • -Then open the extracted Pattern Remove file folder.
  • -There you will see another two folders.
  • -Open the pattern remove tool folder.
  • -There you can see “Pattern Remove tool” folder.
  • -Open the “Pattern Remove tool” folder.

Vivo Remove Screen lock Unlock pattern password Pin lock

  • -Then Run as Administrator “Loader-RB_Soft tool.exe”.
  • -Now a popup will appear and ask you to login ID and Password.
  • -Open the “readme.txt”.
  • -There you will get “Login ID and Password”.

  • -Now copy and paste the login id and password in the “loader_RB_tool.exe” popup.
  • -Once you paste the ID and Password then click on “login”.
  • Go to the “Qualcomm” tab.
  • Click on the “Manual Loader” option, then click on the “Browse” button.
  • -Now give the file path of “Vivo Y53 Pattern unlock File”.

  • -After that, click on the “Start” button
  • -Power off your device,
  • -After that, press the “Volume UP” button and then connect your device to the PC.
  • Make Sure: Install USB driver first to detect your device to PC.
  • -Once the tool opened, now you need to connect your device to a PC,
  • -Once detected your device to the PC.
  • -It will automatically be started
  • -Wait for a finish.
  • -Once finish disconnect your device and then power on your device.
  • Done.


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