Xiaomi Mi Max Test Point EDL Point – Reboot to EDL Qualcomm 9008 Mode

Test Point or EDL Point allows putting your Qualcomm phone into the Emergency Download Mode (Qualcomm QDLoader 9008 Port Driver) for flash or upgrade firmware, unbrick, Bypass mi cloud, Reset FRP, repair SD, and many others. You can’t flash the Xiaomi Mi Max phone to fix the Mi boot loop or hard brick through fastboot mode if the bootloader is already locked. If You own a Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone and want to use EDL Mode through ADB/Fastboot/Test Point mode then, you can do it by following the below instructions.

A deep flash cable can convert Xiaomi Mi Max Hydrogen to EDL Emergency Download Mode or other known EDL. If you don’t have the right tool, Test Point is the only option. As shown in the image, connect one point to another.

After unplugging your battery socket, connect your smartphone to the computer. Connect the dots as shown using tweezers and copper cables. Then, go to the Ports section on your Windows Device Manager. Check that the Qualcomm HSUSD QDLoader 9008 is recognized and flashed immediately.

Don’t forget to install Qualcomm USB Driver before proceeding to further.

How to boot Xiaomi Mi Max Test Point EDL Point to EDL9008 Mode:

Method 1:

  • Enable USB Debugging Connect your phone to your computer
  • Run CMD as Admin
  • Send the following commands
adb devices
adb reboot edl

Method 2:

  • Install the Qualcomm QD Loader driver on your PC
  • Removing the back Cover from Your Phone carefully

Xiaomi Mi Max Test Point EDL Point - Reboot to EDL Qualcomm 9008 Mode

  • Discover The Pinout as Shows in Image
  • Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer Take a Copper Wire, and shorten that Pinout

Method 3:

  • Fastboot to EDL Tools Download
  • Reboot the phone to Fastboot Mode, and connect to the PC
  • Now, hit Enter to run reboot.bat
  • Done Phone booted into EDL Mode

Here we have shared all the possible ways with Xiaomi Mi Max Test Point EDL Point to put your phone successfully into the EDL Mode through Fastboot/ADB easily.

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