Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool Download (All Version) Latest Free Setup – 2021

Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool this lightweight application is for Windows Computers and Laptops which helps users to install or set up the latest version of ADB or FastBoot files without having to download any other complicated mobile driver package on the Computer.

Here on this page, we have included all the latest versions of the ADB & Fastboot Tool with all pre-requirements steps to install it on any Windows computer for free. So, if you looking to setup the ADB file on your windows pc for your Android phone, then you have come to the best place, just follow these simple processes and download the latest version of the ADB & Fastboot tool from below.

Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool: Features

Portable package:

You can download it as both a Portable or Installer application. To launch the Setup Window, download and extract the preferred version. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the Setup once the setup is finished, it will launch automatically.

Select Custom Installation Directory:

You can choose the location where Fastboot files will be installed on your computer. The setup window allows you to move or set up Fastboot files at your preferred location.

Quick Launch Shortcut:

This allows you to create/set up the Shortcut for the Fastboot Window on your Desktop. The Shortcut allows you to launch the Command Window from the fastboot folder. If you’re working with fastboot files, the Shortcut is useful.

Small Size:

Tiny ADB/Fastboot tool applications are only 3.7 MB in total. This makes them easy to use, and it is very simple to install. Comparing to other applications on market, they weigh in at hundreds of MBs and are extremely difficult to run.

The application’s small size allows it to run smoothly on any system. The Tiny ADB and Fastboot tools are easy to install and do not require a large memory space or RAM.

Download Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool  (All Version)

Tiny ADB & Fastboot tool is compatible with every version of Windows OS. This includes Windows XP, Windows XP, and Windows 10. The following links will take you to the latest Tiny ADB and Fastboot Tool versions:

Installer Versions

Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.0.0.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.0.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.1.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.2.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.3.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.4.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.5.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.6.exe Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.0.exe Download
[Latest]Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.3.0.exe Download

Portable Versions

Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.0.0_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.0_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.1_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.2_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.3_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.4_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.5_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.1.6_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.0_Portable.zip Download
Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.2.1_Portable.zip Download
(Latest)Tiny_ADB_and_Fastboot_v1.3.0_Portable.zip Download

Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool – How to Install & Use: 

Installation process:

  • Here are the Step-by-Step instructions to download the application.
  • Google offers the Windows zip.
  • Extract it somewhere – for example, %USERPROFILE%\adb-fastboot.
  • Windows 7/8: Click the desktop to right-click My Computer, and then select Properties.
  • Windows 10: Open Windows Start Menu, then type “advanced System Settings”
  • Install the universal ADB Driver, then reboot

How to Use

  • The computer system should be turned off.
  • A USB cable can be used to connect your device to the computer.
  • Next, extract the FastBoot folder and look for Run me.bat.
  • The command ADBbootloader will be used to boot the device into fast mode. You will need to flash the recovery file.
  • Now type the command Fastboot flash recovery custom-recovery-file-name. Replace it with your recovery name by taking an image.
  • After all of the above steps, enter the Fastboot reboot command. This will reboot the device and restart the system.

Device Supported: Any Android-powered phones.

Compatibility: The application runs flawlessly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
Require a Backup: If you’re inclined to try out the aforementioned tool, then please have a copy of your private information on the Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing some Firmware or retrieval may brick the phone.
Credits: Tiny ADB & Fastboot Tool is created by the programmer. So, complete credits goes to the programmer for sharing such a great application at no cost.

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