Download Lpro Boot Disk Tool v1.5 Latest Version Free (IOS Disable Passcode)

Lpro Boot Disk Tool v1.5 is the latest application for MAC computers that supports up to iOS11 up to iOS 15 and allowed users to Disable Passcode lock with fully Facetime working, Sim working and iCloud Sign-in working from any iPhone and iPad devices.  If you want to unlock Passcode lock then It’s a really beneficial tool to disable the Passcode lock in the iPhone and iPad. So, If you would like to download Lpro Boot Disk Tool V1.5 latest version, then check the below article and click on the download button.

You don’t need to jailbreak in order to make use of this tool. It works upto ios 15.2 version 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 to bypass the passcode and signal disable from iPhone. Make sure, It’s a premium-priced tool, and you must sign up for ecid before using it.

This procedure of using Lpro Boot Disk Tool by LU team is quite simple, all you have to do is power off the phone and put it into the DFU mode and run the tool, then select and use the option you want to use, that’s it.

  • This tool works only on Mac OS only.
  • All versions are supported by the latest version.
  • This includes Hackintosh too.
  • Supported devices 6s to X (ios 15 too)
  • It is not necessary to jailbreak in order to use this program.
  • This is a paid service as well as a tool, you must verify your ecid before using it.
  • It supports iOS 11 through 15.4 or the latest version of the near future.
  • This tool employs a pwned DFU method.
  • First step, is to save your activation data to a backup then erase your iPhone then activate it once more to create an attempt to bypass the signal.
  • The other functions are functioning normally following the bypass.
  • Some users can even restore their data by keeping them and iPhone was not able to unlock.

Download Lpro Boot Disk Tool 1.5 Latest Version Free

File Size:- 101MB
Download Link:- Mega  [Activate Link]
File Type:-


How To Use Lpro Boot Disk Tool

  • First, Use iTunes or 3u tools to restore your iPhone or iPad
  • Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad with checkra1n (For Mac and Linux) and Bootra1n (for Windows).
  • Download & Extract LProBootdisk
  • Order serial numbers
  • Your serial number will be generated after you register.
  • Open Lpro Boot Disk Tool V1.5 is available on your Mac or Hackintosh.


  • Connect your devices and the passcode screen
  • Click on “Erase all data”
  • Remove passcode successfully using the network on your ios device.

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Device Supported: Iphones IOS powered phones.

Compatibility: The application runs flawlessly on MAC OS.
Require a Backup: If you’re inclined to try out the aforementioned tool, then please have a copy of your private information on the IOS Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing some Firmware or retrieval may brick the phone.
Credits: Lpro Boot Disk Tool 1.5 is created by the programmer. So, complete credits goes to the programmer for sharing such a great application at no cost.

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