If you owner of Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A want to Remove MI Account Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite, Note 5A, Here today in this process I will share with you the latest updated method to Bypass MI Account on your Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite and also Note 5A. If you hard reset your Redmi Y1 Lite then after the power on your device it will ask to verify old previously synced Mi account then you will access your Y1 Lite home screen. here we share the method to easily Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite, Redmi Y1 Lite is a 5.5inch super IPS touchscreen with 4G voLTE enabled smartphone and powered by SD425 processors and the GPU is Adreno 510 and this device has 16GB of ROM storage along with 2GB of RAM and supported up to a 128GB expandable memory card, Redmi Y1 Lite runs on Android (7.1.1) Nougat MIUI 9 Custom operating system. Redmi Y1 Lite has a 13MP single rear camera also has 5MP of single front selfie camera. and the Battery power of this device is 3080mAH Li-ion battery, and if you owner of this device and want to Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite, then you are here on right place follow the below guide to add a new Mi ID and bypass MI verification to access your device home screen. to follow this process you need to download some files and need a working PC please follow all steps very carefully to Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite by Miracle 2.58 tool. 

Before we start the Procedure

Note: This method is successfully applied and work on Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A…

We are showing you the easiest way to Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A, we have tested it a couple of times to remove Mi-Account on Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A. this is a very useful way to remove or bypass MI Account on Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A. 

Mi Cloud Bypass

If you forget your Mi Account (MI ID) from your Xiomi Redmi Y1 Lite which was previously synced on your device and after you hard reset your device then during the setup process Xiaomi devices ask you to sign into the previously synced MI Account on your Xiaomi devices. (see Below image)

Why we need to Bypass MI Account 

Now it introduces by Xiaomi.inc, This is anti-theft security. it’s measure to ensure that your device reset remotely without removing the MI account from your Xiaomi devices, It’s the part of Latest Xiaomi Android security system.

So here we share with you a new way to remove the MI Account lock from your devices, so that’s why we are here to teach you the right way to bypass MI Account form your Xiaomi devices.

If you forget your MI Account and without removing the MI Account from your device if you remotely hard reset your device then you need to bypass or remove the previously synced the Mi Account to your Mi device.

Follow the below simple steps very carefully to Remove the MI Account on Redmi Redmi Y1 Lite or Redmi Note 5A,

We are here to share you some simple tricks to Bypass Mi-Account or Remove Mi Cloud account. or share some tricks to Bypass Google Account and Bypass FRP verification from Android devices very easily.

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Warning: You do this at your own risk! Make sure your phone battery is charged up to 60%

Caution: This Method Only for Device Owner not for thief person

Remove MI Account Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A

-To successfully Bypass MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A you need to download some files from below.

-Download Miracle 2.58 with Loader from below.

-First Power off your device.

-To successfully Remove MI Account you need to Open your device “back-panel”.

-Then remove the “Battery Connection” to your device.

-Then “Sort” the “Test Point” and to detect your device in “EDL” mode. (see below image)


-We need “EDL” mode to remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A.

-After that, Connect your device PC, (using a good USB cable)

-Then download “Miracle 2.58 With Loader” from below.

-Once downloading finished. copy the “Miracle 2.58 With Loader” to your desktop.

-After that, extract the “Miracle 2.58” to your desktop.

-Once extracting finish, open the extracted “Miracle 2.58 with loader” folder.

-Then find the “Miracle 2.58_cr##ked.exe”.

-After that, Run as Administrator “Miracle 2.58_cr##ked.exe”.

-Wait for “5-10” seconds to open the “Miracle 2.58_cr##ked” to your PC.

-Once tool opened, then go to “Qualcomm” menu bar.

-Then select the “Extra” option from the below sub tab.

-After that, click on the “PORT” option.

-Now you will show “[Com-XX] Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader” USB driver and select it.

-Then, select “Universal Xiaomi Method” from the model option.

-After that, go down and tap on the “MI Account Unlock”.

-Then click on the model select list and select there “Redmi 4A” model.

Download Redmi Y1 Lite Mi Account Remove Tool here


Bypass MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite

-After that, check down below you will get the “START” button.

-Simply press the “START” button from there.

-Done, wait for few seconds to finish Remove MI Account.

-After the Mi Account Remove process to finish.

-Disconnect your device.

-Then reconnect the battery connection.

-After that, Power on your device.

-Setup the initial setup on your device.

-Done, you have successfully Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A.

-Now you can easily add new MI Account on your Device.

Thanks for visiting us, Comment below if you face any problem With Remove MI Account Redmi Y1 Lite and Note 5A, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. you can check other some tutorial here to help you.