Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6 android-8 (Oreo), This is the latest updated method to Bypass FRP OnePlus 6. With this method, you can easily Bypass Google Account on your OnePlus 6. through this process, you can easily add a new Gmail id and bypass Google account verification to access your device home screen. you can use this method for any OnePlus 6, Only you need a working Wifi connection and download some files for your OnePlus 6 To Bypass Frp OnePlus 6 without PC. All files and step by step guide on below, Please follow all steps very carefully. So read and try all method very carefully. 

Before you Started

Warning:- This method is only for the device owner.

Note:- This method is successfully applied to OnePlus 6. You can try and follow this method with your any OnePlus 6 Plus devices. We are not responsible for any damage on your Device. before you try this method backup your Full data.

In the last security Patch update, Moto has updated all the security patch level to a new level, Moto has fixed all the old method that helps you to bypass FRP OnePlus 6,  Now OnePlus has fixed all the old security patch level. But we try the different and different method to Bypass Google Account Moto V8 finally we have found a successful method to Bypass FRP OnePlus 6, so today we share with you latest method to bypass FRP OnePlus 6 very easily. So without waste any time let’s started to Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

Bypass FRP OnePlus 6

-First switch on your OnePlus 6.

-After that, tap on next and Connect your OnePlus 6 to any working Wifi Connection.

-Then, Get back to the main “Welcome Screen” again.

-Now, you need to enable talkback feature to Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

-From the “Welcome Screen” of your device. Tap on “Vision Settings”.

-Then tap on “talkback” then turn on talkback feature.

-After that, you have “talkback Tutorial” on your OnePlus 6 Sereen.

-Now draw “L” on your OnePlus 6 screen to bring “Global Context Menu“.

-When “Global Context Menu” Pops up  show on your device screen – then double tap on “Talkback Settings”



-Now you need to use “Two fingers” same time to Pull down and Pull Up.

-After that, Go down using two fingers same time and then select “Talkback Tutorial“.

-Now there you will see “Turn Talkback off“, just tap on “Turn Talkback off“.



After that, you will be redirected to “Talkback Settings”.

-From “talkback settings” screen then scroll down, then tap on “Help & Feedback“.



-Then type “Voice” on top search bar then search it.

-From the result, Select the “Get Started with Voice Access” option.

-Now you will able to see a “YouTube Video” on your Screen.

-Then tap on “YouTube Video” wait a few seconds until you see the extra sharing options on your devices.

-Then, tap on the “Youtube video title“, this will lead you to the YouTube application.

Note: IF you unable to select the “Youtube Title” then you can tap on “Clock” icon beside the youtube video title.

Download OnePlus 6 Bypass FRP Files

-After that, the “Youtube” application will be open.

-Now drag down the Video.

-Then tap on the “User Profile” icon. (See below Image)

-After that, tap on the “Terms & Privacy Policy“.

-Congratulations, Now you will access Chrome browser on your OnePlus 6.

-Now tap on “Accept & Continue” after then tap on “No Thanks” button.

-Now you have successfully accessed to “Chrome browser“.

-Then, We need to download android Frp tools to Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

-Now type on search bar “download Frp tools Gadgetsdr

-Then goto very first search result. That is according to our Site ““.

-Now download from there, Bypass FRP applications.

-Download from there “Quick Shortcut Maker.apk

-After that, when downloading finish, we will get a popup button on your OnePlus 6 screen,

-Then, tap on “Open” Button from the popup screen. (see below Picture)

-Now you will get a “Security popup window” on your device screen.

-Then just tap on “Settings” from that popup screen.

-Now enable “Allow form this source” from there install your apk applications.

-Now go back by tapping on “back key“.

-Now you will see “Quick Shortcut Maker” installation screen.

-Now tap on “Install => Next => Open.

-After that, Open “Quick shortcut Maker“.

-There tap on “Input Keyword to filter“.

-After that, type there “Settings“.

-Then, tap on “Settings“.

-Now Select very first “Settings” from the list.

-Then tap on “Try“.

-Then you will be redirected to the “Settings” screen.

-After that go-to “Security & Location ->Device Admin Apps -> Find My Device -> Deactivate this device administrator.

-Then tapping on back key, go back to “Settings” the main screen.

-Go to the “Apps & Notifications” menu from there.

-After that, tap on “App Info“.

Now Disable the “Google Play Services” and the “Google Account Manager“.

-Find the “Google Account Manager” from apps list.

-Then. go to “Google Account Manager -> Disable=> Disable app.

-Find the “Google Play Services” from apps list.

-Then. go to “Google Play Services -> Disable=> Disable app.

-Disable both app (Google Account Manager & Google Play Services) successfully.

Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6

-Now back to “Quick Shortcut Maker” app by tapping back key several time.

-Back to the screen where we typed “Settings“.

-Now in “Quick Shortcut Maker Search bar” typed “CHROME

-Then, tap on “Chrome” icon then select the very first “chrome” icon from the list.

-After that, tap on “Try“.

-After that, we will have to our download server page again (

-Download from there “Gadgets Doctor.apk

-After that, when downloading finish, we will get a popup button on your OnePlus 6 screen,

-Then, tap on “Open” Button from the popup screen. (see below Picture)

-[Or you can go-to “Download” page by tapping on “3” dots then tap on “Downloads”].

-Now install the “Gadgets Doctor.apk” by the tap on “install -> Next -> Install -> Done. {Don’t click Open”}.

-Then again go back to the “Downloads” Folder by tapping on the “Back” key.

-Tap on and install again “Quick Shortcut MakerNext -> Install->Open.

-Now in “Quick shortcut Maker” app, there in the Search bar type (Input Keyword to filter) “Settings” then tap on settings to collapse down “Settings“.

-Now Select the Very “Settings” from the list.

-then select on “Try

-Then we will be redirected to “settings” again.

-Now you can easily add any Google Account to Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

-After that, go down and tap on “Accounts

-Now tap on “Add Account“.

-Add any valid Gmail ID to Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

-Once you signed in successfully then you will get some options there to allow, Allow for sync. 

-Now back to the main “Settings” again.

-Then Go to “Apps & Notification” then tap on “App info.

-Then Click on “All Apps” from the top of the list,

-Then tap on “Disabled

-Now Enable The both app (Google Account Manager & Google Play Services).

-Then go back to “settings” main Screen again.

-After that, Go to “Security & Location ->Device Admin Apps -> Find My Device ->activate this device administrator, and enableAndroid Device Manager” from that list.

Then Reboot your OnePlus Check  “Bypass FRP OnePlus 6 ” successfully.

-Done,  Now you have successfully Bypass Google Account OnePlus 6.

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