Download Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files Free (All Latest Models)

Tecno Bootloader Unlock File allows unlocking your Tecno phone’s bootloader easily, If you want to customize your phone then the first step is to unlock the bootloader. After unlocking the bootloader, it will be easy to Root, install modules, Flash Custom Recovery, ROM, and many more. So, If you would like to download Tecno Bootloader Unlock File All Model, check the below article and click on the download button.

The bootloader is a vendor-specific image that manages the kernel of a device. It protects the device and checks the integrity of boot partitions and recovery partitions.

The first step you have to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock options on your device

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Now go to the  About Device section.
  • Check down to find the Build Number.
  • Then Tap the build number seven times, until the Developer Options appear on your phone.
  • Go to the Settings page, and search Developer Option.
  • Go down and activate the USB Debugging and enable the Allow OEM Unlock.
  • ADB is required to root your device or modify its files using the proper commands.
  • Fastboot is needed to modify the firmware of the phone by sending commands to it.

Download Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files Free (All Latest Models)

File Name: Tecno_Bootloader_File .zip
File Size: 4MB
How to Flash: follow the below steps
Link Unlock File: Download

Supported Models

Tecno AB7	Tecno AC8	Tecno BB4	Tecno BB4K
Tecno BC1S	Tecno BC3	Tecno CA7 	Tecno CA8
Tecno CA8S	Tecno CB7	Tecno CB7J	Tecno CC6
Tecno CC7	Tecno CC9	Tecno CD6	Tecno CD6j
Tecno CD6S	Tecno CD7	Tecno CD8	Tecno CD8j
Tecno CE7	Tecno CE7j	Tecno CE8	Tecno CE9
Tecno CE9h	Tecno CF7	Tecno CF7k	Tecno CF7s
Tecno CF8	Tecno CG6	Tecno CG6j	Tecno CG7
Tecno CG8	Tecno F4 PRO	Tecno ID3K	Tecno ID5
Tecno ID5A	Tecno ID5B	Tecno ID6	Tecno IN1
Tecno IN1 PRO	Tecno IN2	Tecno IN6	Tecno KB2
Tecno KB2H	Tecno KB2j	Tecno KB3	Tecno KB7j
Tecno KB8	Tecno KC1	Tecno KC1h	Tecno KC1j
Tecno KC2	Tecno KC2j	Tecno KC3	Tecno KC6
Tecno KC6s	Tecno KC8	Tecno KC8s	Tecno KD6
Tecno KD6A	Tecno KD7	KD7H	Tecno KD7S
Tecno KE5	Tecno KE5J	Tecno KE5K	Tecno KEFS
Tecno KE6	Tecno KE6J	Tecno KE7	Tecno KF6
Tecno KF6H	Tecno KF6i	Tecno KF6j	Tecno KF8
Tecno LA7 PRO	Tecno LB7	Tecno LB8	Tecno LB8A
Tecno LC6	Tecno LC6A	Tecno LC7	Tecno LC7S
Tecno LC8	Tecno LD7	Tecno LD7j	Tecno RA8


How to Unlock Tecno Bootloader

Method 1: 

  • Allow USB Debugging and OEM unlock
  • Connect your Tecno mobile device to your PC

Download Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files Free (All Latest Models)

  • Double-click on Tecno Mobile Bootloader Locking.bat to open the Command Prompt

Download Tecno Bootloader Unlock Files Free (All Latest Models)

  • Follow the prompts in the window
  • That’s it.


Method 2: 

  • Save the file to your PC.
  • Connect Tecno to your PC
  • The computer will then detect the device.

    • Navigate to the extracted file > Press the Shift Key + Right-click with the mouse
    • From the popup, select the Open PowerShell Window here or Open Command Windows here.
    • To grant Admin Access, click Yes if prompted.
    • Type the following command in the CMD or PowerShell window.
    • Hit Enter to verify that your device is connected with ADB.
adb devices
  • Tap on OK if you see a popup that says Allow USB Debugging on your phone.
  • Type the following command line. Hit Enter to reboot your phone
adb reboot bootloader
  • Your device will then be booted into Fastboot mode.
  • Now type the following command to unlock the bootloader on your Tecno mobile device:
fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot Reboot
  • Your Tecno Mobile Bootloader Unlocking will be completed.
  • Setup your device, and make sure to check the developer option for OEM if it is greyed out or enabled.
  • Done.

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