Use These Best 5 Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 phones

In the race of phone companies, Xiaomi has always done very well in optimizing the performance of its products. But it is inevitable that our phones will slow down and not be as smooth as before after a long time of use. Then here, I will guide you with the 5 Best Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi phones MIUI 12.5 extremely effectively.

Before you try these tips to speed up your Xiaomi smartphone, it is very important to understand what makes your phone slow down and how to prevent this from happening. If your smartphone is full of unnecessary applications, 90% of its storage space will be occupied and there are too many junk files. Your smartphone may start to slow down after a few months.

Apart from the Xiaomi Redmi series and the MI series, ads are the most irritating thing about Xiaomi phones. Although the company claims it is easy to disable ads it is not the case. The problem is that Xiaomi pushes system-wide advertisements as well as ads through its stock app.

You can use the Xiaomi tricks to speed up your phone, no matter what model it is. There have been times when you noticed lag or delays. This is something we can fix once we get started with MIUI 12, and take advantage of all its many options.

The latest Xiaomi phone models are packed with powerful features and large memory capacities, but this doesn’t mean they will be the fastest or most efficient. User habits directly impact the speed of the phone. Therefore, use These Best 5 Tips to speed up your Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 phone.

Best 5 Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 phones

Now follow these simple and Best 5 Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 phones to fix performance issues on your Xiaomi smartphone. You should repeat these steps every few weeks to avoid future problems.

1. Update to the latest version

5 Best Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi phones

Updating the new version for the device will contribute to fixing the errors that the old version is still not well optimized. To update first, open Settings > About phone > MIUI version.

Each update to the Xiaomi phone includes several bug fixes and improvements. This is especially true if you are updating your device to the most recent version. These updates are great for fixing bugs that cause your phone to run slower or preventing you from updating to the most recent security patch. Updates will not only speed up your Xiaomi smartphone but also provide many new features.

2. Clean up memory

Applications that you access regularly will generate other files that you do not want. These files will slow down your device, so clean them regularly.

Step 1: To clean up these files, go to Settings > About phone > Storage. Then you select Free up phone.

Step 2: Wait for your device to scan for junk files then tap Clean up. If the cleaning is done and your device is still not smooth, consider a Deep Clean and remove unnecessary applications.

2. Disable app auto-launch permission

The fact that the application arbitrarily accesses your device system permissions even when you do not open the application is also the cause of your phone’s degradation.

Step 1: To turn off access to this application, go to Applications > Access Permissions.


disable auto start to Increase performance for Xiaomi phones

Step 2: Here you will see the Auto-launch item and next, turn off the applications that are opening this permission.

3. Clear application cache

Some applications after downloading will have a cache, in the long run if we do not delete these data will make the device slow down.


Step 1: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, select the app you want to remove.


Step 2: Select clear data > clear cache.


4. Change refresh rate

The refresh rate, also known as the refresh rate, is the number representing the screen’s image refresh rate in 1 second. The higher the scan frequency, the smoother the image displayed on the machine. To change the scan frequency for some Xiaomi devices, you do the following.

Step 1: To change the refresh rate, go to Display > Refresh rate.

Best Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi phones

Step 2: Click the speed you want to change.

5. Turn off auto-sync

Keeping the auto-sync feature open will keep your phone active, so its performance will also decrease. To disable this feature follow these steps.

Best Tips to Increase performance for Xiaomi phones

Step 1: Go to the Mi account section and select Xiaomi cloud.

Step 2: Click on the application to disable syncing and select Disable sync.

These are the top things you need to change on your Xiaomi phone. These minor adjustments can improve your phone’s experience in many ways, as we have already mentioned.

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