EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3 (EFT Dongle Pro Update)

We share here to download EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3 from here, EFT Dongle Pro Update is a  utility Android Multi-tool that helps to fix some software problems on your devices. EFT Dongle Pro Update version is available now to download from here, Miracle Vivo Tool is available only for the latest version it has some interesting features for your Android devices.

it supports almost all Android devices in ADB and Fastboot mode, also supports Samsung devices in download mode and Qualcomm devices in EDL modes. here share with your latest Keygen file also to activate the Miracle Thunder Update Setup Update on your pc. we discuss some more features of EFT Dongle Pro Update version on below.


What is EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3

Miracle Thunder Update is the latest GSM Mobile Software repair tool. This is a new innovation for Chinese latest Android devices, its supports almost all Vivo devices nowadays in India and the world, 

EFT Dongle Pro 1.3 easily repairs all the devices software and unlock too many supported Android devices easily,

This is the first universal data card for unlocking/Flashing product worldwide, 

This tool, can repair the devices and make it alive again and do Password Remove,
Accounts Unlock, and Bootloader Unlock is fast and No Need Any Activation or buys the Credits 

Features of EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3

– Improved Download files from the server.
– Decreased EXE size (about 2Mb)
– [FIRST IN THE WORLD] [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to Downgrade modem by Writing Combination Modem on devices that don’t allow flash it To Fix all Repair IMEIs errors on all not supported securities

SM-A105F U1
SM-A105F U2
SM-A105F U3
SM-A105FN U1
SM-A105FN U2
SM-A105G U1
SM-A105G U2
SM-A105G U3
SM-A105M U1
SM-A105M U2
SM-A105M U3
SM-A202F U1
SM-A202F U2
SM-A205F U1
SM-A205F U2
SM-A205FN U1
SM-A205FN U2
SM-A205G U1
SM-A205G U2
SM-A205GN U1
SM-A205GN U2
SM-A205YN U1
SM-A205YN U2
SM-A305F U1
SM-A305F U2
SM-A305FN U1
SM-A305FN U2
SM-A305G U1
SM-A305G U2
SM-A305GN U1
SM-A305GN U2
SM-A405FM U1
SM-A405FM U2
SM-A405FN U1
SM-A405FN U2
SM-A505F U1
SM-A505F U2
SM-A505FM U1
SM-A505FM U2
SM-A505FN U1
SM-A505FN U2
SM-A505G U1
SM-A505G U2
SM-A505GN U1
SM-A505GN U2

– [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to flash ENG EFS to Fix all EFS errors (Failed to mount EFS | Remove pay joy | Rent center) for more than 250 models.







SM-A105G U2
SM-A105GN U2
SM-A305F U1
SM-A305FN U1
SM-A305X U1
SM-A505F U1
SM-A505F U2
SM-A505FM U1
SM-A505FM U2
SM-A505FN U1
SM-A505FN U2
SM-A505X U1
SM-A505X U2
SM-A505G U1
SM-A505GN U1
SM-A520F U4
SM-A520FD U4
SM-A520X U4
SM-A520L U2
SM-A520S U2
SM-A520K U2
SM-A530F U2
SM-A530F U4
SM-A530F U5
SM-A530F U6
SM-A530FD U2
SM-A530FD U4
SM-A530FD U5
SM-A530FD U6
SM-A530X U2
SM-A530X U4
SM-A530X U5
SM-A530X U6
SM-A530N U1
SM-A530N U2
SM-A600F U3
SM-A600FN U3
SM-A600FD U3
SM-A600X U3
SM-A600G U1
SM-A600G U2
SM-A600G U4
SM-A600GN U1
SM-A600GN U2
SM-A600GN U4
SM-A600P U3
SM-A605F U3
SM-A605FD U3
SM-A605FN U3
SM-A605X U3
SM-A605G U1
SM-A605G U2
SM-A605GN U1
SM-A605GN U2
SM-A705F U2
SM-A720S U1
SM-A720L U1
SM-A720K U1
SM-A730F U2
SM-A730F U4
SM-A730F U5
SM-A730FD U2
SM-A730FD U4
SM-A730FD U5
SM-A730X U2
SM-A730X U4
SM-A730X U5
SM-A750F U1
SM-A750FN U1
SM-A750X U1
SM-A750G U2
SM-A750GN U2
SM-A910F U1
SM-A910X U1
SM-A920F U1
SM-A920X U1
SM-C710F U1
SM-C710X U1
SM-G530T U1
SM-G530T1 U1
SM-G532G U1
SM-G610F U1
SM-G610X U1
SM-G885F U1
SM-G885X U1
SM-G930F U2
SM-G930F U5
SM-G930X U2
SM-G930X U5
SM-G930A U9
SM-G930V U9
SM-G930T U9
SM-G930T1 U9
SM-G930U U9
SM-G930P U9
SM-G930AZ U9
SM-G935A U9
SM-G935F U5
SM-G935X U5
SM-G935V U9
SM-G935T U9
SM-G935T1 U9
SM-G935U U9
SM-G935P U9
SM-G935AZ U9
SM-G950F U3
SM-G950FD U3
SM-G950X U3
SM-G950F U4
SM-G950F U1
SM-G950FD U4
SM-G950FD U1
SM-G950X U4
SM-G950X U1
SM-G950N U1
SM-G950N U3
SM-G950U U5
SM-G950U1 U5
SM-G950W U5
SM-G955F U3
SM-G955FD U3
SM-G955X U3
SM-G955F U4
SM-G955FD U4
SM-G955X U4
SM-G955U U5
SM-G955U1 U5
SM-G955W U5
SM-G960F U5
SM-G960F U4
SM-G960F U2
SM-G960F U1
SM-G960X U5
SM-G960X U4
SM-G960X U2
SM-G960X U1
SM-G960U U4
SM-G960U U5
SM-G960U1 U4
SM-G960U1 U5
SM-G960W U4
SM-G960W U5
SM-G960N U1
SM-G965F U2
SM-G965F U4
SM-G965F U5
SM-G965X U2
SM-G965X U4
SM-G965X U5
SM-G965U U4
SM-G965U1 U4
SM-G965W U4
SM-G965N U1
SM-G9650 U3
SM-G970F U1
SM-G970F U2
SM-G970X U1
SM-G970X U2
SM-G970U U1
SM-G970U U2
SM-G970U1 U1
SM-G970U1 U2
SM-G970W U1
SM-G970W U2
SM-G970N U1
SM-G973F U1
SM-G973F U2
SM-G973X U1
SM-G973X U2
SM-G973U U1
SM-G973U U2
SM-G973U1 U1
SM-G973U1 U2
SM-G973W U1
SM-G973W U2
SM-G973N U1
SM-G973N U2
SM-G975F U1
SM-G975F U2
SM-G975X U1
SM-G975X U2
SM-G975U U1
SM-G975U U2
SM-G975U1 U1
SM-G975U1 U2
SM-G975W U1
SM-G975W U2
SM-G975N U1
SM-G977N U1
SM-J260M U3
SM-J337A U5
SM-J337A U6
SM-J337AZ U5
SM-J337AZ U6
SM-J337T U4
SM-J337T1 U4
SM-J400F U1
SM-J400F U3
SM-J400X U1
SM-J400X U3
SM-J415F U2
SM-J415F U1
SM-J415FN U2
SM-J415FN U1
SM-J415X U2
SM-J415X U1
SM-J600F U4
SM-J600FN U4
SM-J600G U1
SM-J600GN U3
SM-J600G U1
SM-J600GN U3
SM-J610F U1
SM-J610FN U1
SM-J610X U1
SM-J701F U3
SM-J710F U2
SM-J710FN U2
SM-J710X U2
SM-J720F U4
SM-J720X U4
SM-J730F U2
SM-J730X U2
SM-J737A U3
SM-J737A U4
SM-J737AZ U3
SM-J737AZ U4
SM-J737T U4
SM-J737T U5
SM-J737T1 U4
SM-J737T1 U5
SM-J737U U3
SM-J810G U1
SM-J810GN U1
SM-J810Y U1
SM-J810M U1
SM-M205G U1
SM-M205GN U1
SM-N915K U2
SM-N916K U2
SM-N935F U4
SM-N950F U1
SM-N950F U3
SM-N950F U4
SM-N950F U5
SM-N950F U6
SM-N950X U1
SM-N950X U3
SM-N950X U4
SM-N950X U5
SM-N950X U6
SM-N950N U3
SM-N950N U4
SM-N960F U1
SM-N960X U1
SM-N960U U1
SM-N960U1 U1
SM-N960W U1
SM-N9600 U1

Download EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3

File Name:-EFT Dongle Pro Update.zip

Android Firmware

Get File




How to Install EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3

-Download EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3 Setup.

-After that, extract all the files to your PC.

-Then open the extracted folder.

-Once the tool opens then it will ask to install the tool,

-Then click Next -> Next -> Agree -> Finish.

-Run the “EFT Dongle Pro Update.exe” from there.

-After that, a popup box will open.

-Then click the “Start” button from there.

-Done, now wait a few secs to launch EFT Dongle Pro Latest Setup 1.3 to your computer. then you use the tool.

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