Bypass FRP Techno In6 (Android-8.1.0) Google Account Unlock

If you own a Techno In6, and after the hard reset if you stuck at google account verification screen then here we show you how to Bypass FRP Techno In6 very easily, there is a couple of methods to unlock FRP from your device but we share here the latest and easiest method to Bypass Google FRP Techno In6,

This phone have some strong features, The front camera of this phone is good enough to provide crisp and clear selfies and the storage of this device is sufficient enough to store a big amount of images, videos and kinds of music, Techno In6 have decent processor and RAM management is very good while you do multitasking with this device.



Things That you Needed to Bypass Google FRP Techno In6 (Android-8.1.0)

You can follow this method on any Techno In6, Only you need a good internet connection and download some files To FRP Techno In6 Unlock.

Warning:- This method is only for the device owner.

Note:- This method is successfully applied to Techno In6.

Caution:- We are not responsible for any damage to your Device. before you try this method backup your Full data.

First of all download all the below file that you need to Bypass Google FRP Techno In6.

-Download first DA File:- (Download Agent) file that helps you to detect your device in SP Flash Tool.

-Itel A45 FRP Unlock File:- Its a scatter.txt file, this will help you to Unlock FRP on your device.

-Download & Install MTK USB Driver.

-Follow the Below guide carefully.

Download Techno In6 frp Code

File Name:-Tehno In6 FRP




Download Techno In6 frp Unlock File (oreo 8.1.0)

File Name:-Tehno In6 FRP




Now start to Bypass FRP Itel A45 (Android-8.1.0)

-First, you have to download all the frp files and tool to your computer.

-Once downloading finish, copy all the files to a new folder. (to understand easily).

-After that, extract all the downloaded files one by one using 7zip or WinRAR.

-Once done, now there you will see “3” folders. <i> FRP Files, <ii> FRP tools. <iii> USB Driver, <iv> DA  File.

Now install MTK USB Driver to Computer:

-Open the “USB Driver” folder, there you will see a “setup.exe” file.

-Install the “Setup.exe” file by double tapping on it.

-Then hit next -next-next -finish to install the MTK driver to your computer.

-Done. now your device will easily detect on PC and you can easily do the Bypass Google FRP Techno In6.

Unlock FRP Techno In6

-Extract “FRP Tool” and “FRP File” on your PC.

-Then open the FRP tool folder.

-There you can see “SP Flash Tool” folder.

-Open “SP Flash Tool” folder.

-Then find and Run as Administrator “SP Flash Tool.exe”.

-After that, Goto “Download” tab.

-Now Click on the “Choose” from the “Download-Agent”.

-Now Give the file path of boot file “Techno In6.bin”. – file on extracted frp files folder.

-Then click on “Choose” from “Scatter-loading File”

-Now give there file path of “Scatter” file.

-you can find scatter file from the FRP file folder.

-After that, go to the “Format” tab.

-Select “Manual Format Flash” from that tab.

-Give below address from that box. (or you can find Address also in your FRP File by Gadgetsdr folder).

-start_addr: 0x2d88000
-End_addr: 0x100000

-After changing the value, you have to connect your device to PC to successfully Bypass FRP Techno In6.

Now Techno In6 FRP Reset

-Then power off your device.

-Now connect your device to PC.

-While connecting press (Volume Down) key, and connect your device to PC.

Note:- Make sure, before you connect your device to PC, you need to download and install USB Driver first on your PC. when you connect your device to PC keep pressing Volume down key few more seconds after connecting.

-After that, Click on “Start” button from sp flash tool to Techno In6 FRP Reset.

Remember:- If you are getting an error while flashing your device, so you can try other scatter file, we posted here 2 scatter file you can try both of them.

-Once the flashing process is finished, you will get a “Right exclamation mark” popup.

-Now you have successfully Bypass FRP Techno In6.

-Now just disconnect your device to PC and Power On your device.

-After that, while power on your device complete initial setup on your Bypass Google FRP Techno In6.

-Thanks for visiting us.

-I hope this method is fully worked with your Device.

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