[2022] 10 Best Custom Roms for Realme XT Free Download [Android 12] Flash Via TWRP

Are you a Realme XT user and tired of using the Stock OS Or the manufacturer hasn’t released updates to your device yet, or do you want to add some extra features options not found in the official ROM then here have a piece of good news for you, Here we’ve listed the top 10 Best Custom Rom for Realme XT with download links and a step-by-step installation process from below.

Before proceeding to download and install let me tell you what is a Custom ROM & Why you can use it.

These ROMs are an altered version of the Original ROM which gives you numerous options to customize your Realme XT, including Root Access Additional Features and System Tweaks. Eliminate Bloatware, alternative UIs Install incompatible apps for better performance, and receive the most recent Android software updates…

Custom ROM is basically an upgraded version of the Stock Android OS which is developed by some unofficial Android developers & lovers.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date features, Good performance, and regular OS updates, then you should go with customizing your Realme XT smartphone by installing the best Custom ROM that is based on Android 12. But, Always remember after installing a custom os you have to install GAPPS on your phone in order to use Google Apps easily.


  • When you install custom ROM then you are able to upgrade to the latest Android Version.
  • You can customize your phone according to your preferences
  • You’ll be in full power over your mobile phone.


  • If your phone is still in warranty, then you’ll be unable to claim the warranty.
  • If you make any mistakes during Flash a Custom ROM Your phone could be Brick.
  • Your phone’s total security will be erased.
  • There are no more OTA Updates on your smartphone.

In this method, we will be using TWRP Recovery (Custom Recovery).

[2022] Top 10 Best Custom Roms for Realme XT Free [Android 12]

Installing Custom ROMs on the Realme XT will void its warranty. gadgetsdr.com is not liable for any damages incurred if you don’t adhere to the instructions properly.

1. Lineage OS:

Lineage OS for Realme XT

Lineage OS is the successor to the previously known popular custom firmware CyanogenMod (CM) or CM. Lineage OS is a well-built custom ROM that makes it popular in a short period. It is built on Android and It’s the successor of CyanogenMod which stopped operation in December of 2016. However, Cyanogen. Inc kept all rights for the original MOD and rebranded it under the name Lineage OS.  The good news is that LineageOS 18 will be based on the most recent version of Android 11 and it comes with all the latest Android 11 features and Lineage customizable options. Now, you can use Lineage OS 18.1 on Realme XT by flashing this custom ROM.

Download LineageOS & More Info

2. DotOS:

DotOS was first developed by a group of communities comprising Ganesh Varma and Kuber Sharma and its full name is Droid ON Time Operating System. The ROM was mainly built for advanced Android features and enhanced the performance, stability, and features. Now, you can use DOTOS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.

Download DotOS & More Info

3. Havoc OS:

havoc OS for Realme XT

Havoc OS is based on Lineage OS it’s a new Custom ROM that comes with many new features that could not be available on the other Custom made ROM. HavocOS comes with a Rounded UI, Spectrum support, Battery Tweak features Status bar modifications, OmniSwitch and Slim recent option to allow quick multitasking, and other features. Now, you can use HavocOS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.

Download HavocOS & More Info

4. AOSiP OS:

AOSIP for Realme XT

The AOSiP OS is based on pure AOSP OS it’s a new Custom ROM that comes with many new features that could not be available on the other Custom made ROM. AOSiP OS comes with an Illusion UI, Battery Tweak, Status bar modifications, Tweak Performance, to allow quick multitasking and other features. Now, you can use AOSIPOS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.

Download AOSiP OS & More Info

5. DerpFest ROM:


DerpFest ROM is the latest Rom added to the community and the response of the users is quite good. It’s based on Android 11 and brings a variety of new features with it. Added brand new Icons, background color & fonts, monthly updates, key mapping for hardware, new improved lock screen, notifications, and new animations you can enjoy with use this ROM. Now, you can use DerpFestOS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.


6. AOSPExtended ROM:

AOSP for for Realme XT

AOSP Extended ROM is built on AOSP Source code, it offers an uncomplicated and smooth experience right out in the field. It has plenty of new features to improve the experience for future updates. such as performance tweaks, a new status bar, Theme & lock screen customization, and many more features. Now, you can use AOSPExtended ROMOS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.



POSP OS is a custom aftermarket Android Firmware based on Android Open Source Project, It provides a smooth and buttery Android OS and enhanced the performance, stability, and features with all Android 12 features on it. Now, you can use POSP OS on Realme XT by flashing this ROM.


8. Pixel Experience ROM:

Google Pixel Experience ROM looks like the same that comes with Google Pixel devices. It implements features, apps, performance tweaks everything that comes out of the box on the Google Pixel phone. With this, you can get the full experience of the Pixel Smartphone with this ROM.


9. Resurrection Remix OS:

Resurrection Remix is the ROM built on LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni, and the original Remix ROM. So, that means It has all those features that are available on the most popular custom ROMs like Lineage OS, Slim, AOKP Paranoid Android, and numerous others. Resurrection Remix also brings an amazing blend of power, personalization as well as battery life, and power when compared with other custom ROMs.


10. CrDroid OS:

CrDroid OS can be described as a brand-new custom ROM built on AOSP or Lineage OS, it provides a smooth and buttery Android OS and enhanced performance, and stability. Alongside, It has all those features that are available in the AOSP and Lineage OS, Also, The ROM comes with a wide range of customizable options, as well as a Pure Android Experience.


How to install Custom ROM on Realme XT

  • Download Custom ROM ZIP and Gapps
  • Now transfer the LineageOS 18.0 ZIP and Gapps ZIP files onto the internal storage device or SD card.
  • Power Off your Realme Xt
  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume Up button together for a few seconds to boot into the TWRP recovery.
  • Tab on Wipe => Advanced Wipe.
  • Check Dalvik Cache, System, Data, and Cache.
  • Tap to begin the wipe.
  • Click Back, then tap on the install button to install.
  • Then Choose your Custom ROM.zip File.
  • Click on Add More ZIPs and choose one of them. GApps Zip file.
  • Swipe to Confirm Flash
  • After that, tap on Reboot to reboot your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S.
  • Congratulations!
  • The initial boot might take some time however, once it’s functioning it will be set up just like every different Android phone.


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I hope that this guide has been helpful in finding the Best Custom ROM for Realme XT that is appropriate for you. If you’ve received any assistance from it, then please share this process of hope with your loved ones. Like to ask? leave a comment below. Thank you!

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